Buscaglia Family Crest

The Buscaglia Family Crest : The black eagle, resembling the Maltese Falcon, sets ominous and omnipotent displaying regality in his command over the plains and mountains. His surveillance over the tree in its natural hebetate of a grassy plain near the foot of the Alps is of a proud nature. The cross and crown set above the basic crest signifies the active part enjoyed in church affairs.

Origin : Milano. Noble family, from which , one Pietro Francesco was superintendent of police in 1561 for whom the name and crest were registered. His son Lodovico was knighted Cavalier of San Stefano of Tuscany in 1590 and his wife, Giulia d' Adda bore him a son, Erasmo. From his marriage to Margherita Langosco was born a son Lodovico who in 1659 was honored for his efforts in the feud of Lamagna. For his deeds, a certificate was issued on 21st of April 1661 by King Phillip IV of Spain and Duke of Milano bestowing the title of Marquis on all first born sons.

Lodovico's son , Carlo, of written citizen of ancient nobility was one of 60 senators in 1682, took Maria Isimbardi as his bride. From this union a son Lodovico was born who became a senator in 1691 and wedded Bianca Arconati. From them came Carlo, senator in 1756, I.R. Ciambellano in 1771, who with a decree, dated 18th of January 1773, from the Heraldry Tribunal obtained a delineation of the coat of arms in the Heraldry Code.

Ignazio (1731-1803), who perused a prelate career, was decorated in purple in 1789 and assumed the duties of Cardinal in 1797 acting as Secretary to the State.

Antonio (1767-1834), in 1782, received the Sovereign Order of Malta and made vice regent of the Grand Magistrate of said order.

In generalizing, they are deserving  of recording.

Lodovico, who married Luigia, daughter of Duke Gian Galeazzo Serbelloni, Antonio (1795-1870), There son, elected Senator of 1864 reign.

The Buscaglia's, being their right, added the surnames Arconati and Visconti to theirs through testimony disposition on the 8th of November 1617 of the Countess Anna Visconti Arconati with sovereign resolution issued on the 9th of February 1880 became confirmed in the antique nobility and with others on the 13th of March 1835 was recognized with the title of Marquis. They had the Sepulcher; dressed in the habits of Malta, set in the Chapel of St. Bernardo in Santa Maria of Grace in Milano.

The lineage of Buscaglia Arconati Visconti decreased in the masculine line and it is written in the official listings with the personal title "Nobles of Marquis of Lomagva" with treatments of "Don", and "Donna", in the personage of Antonietta of Lodovico, of Carlo in Sola Cabiati, sisters, Luigia in Sarmini Andreani Verri, Maria in d' Adda Salvaterra, Beatrice in Fassati, Ida in Stanga.

And thus the family grew holding ties to the original, and since the name was established prior to its official registry, deviations of the crest may be found in other areas. Names such as Marquis of Rochetta, nobles of the community of Castelreale made up of the ancient Marquises of Aleramic and the breed of the famous Manfredi, Marquis of Buscaglia maybe found in historical writings.

Mottos such as : "Go into the future in search of uncertain fortunes" and "No fortitude without God" accompany the crest.

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